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At Helping Hands Healthcare, we pride ourselves on being the GTA’s premier healthcare staffing agency. Serving more hospital partners in the GTA than any other staffing organization, one of our main objectives is to be the preferred choice for nurses and personal support workers so that we are able to provide our clients exemplary service. Our team of healthcare professionals are highly satisfied with the work arrangements they have with Helping Hands, our open door policy and the ability to maintain an enjoyable work, life balance.

Positions Available

Helping Hands Healthcare wants to ensure you work where and when you want to work. During our hiring process we work with you in order to determine your preferred locations and shift times. We always need healthcare professionals, so even if you don’t see positions open in your area, apply anyway.

We accept all resumes for our hospital partners across Toronto & the GTA. We have recently added Grand River Hospital in the Kitchener Waterloo area and are looking for several new staff to serve this location. Please use our resources below to submit your resume to our human resources team. 

Staff Benefits

More Hospitals, More Shifts.

Helping Hands Healthcare continues to have more Hospital Partners than any other healthcare staffing agency in Southern Ontario. This provides you with more shifts to choose from, allowing you the most schedule flexibility in the industry.

Exceptional Work Culture.

Our staff loves working with us and we love working with them! We recognize and reward our employees for their great work and commitment to Helping Hands Healthcare, our Clients and Nursing as a Profession. Our ongoing communication initiatives are based on fair treatment of workers, dignity, respect and loyalty.

Continuing Educational Opportunities.

Helping Hands fosters and encourages continuous learning. We offer several different educational opportunities both online, and in orientation sessions for all of our healthcare staff.

Elect-to-Work Arrangements.

There is nothing better than making your own schedule; that’s one of the many benefits of Helping Hands unique elect-to-work arrangement. It’s simple, you tell us when and where you want to work, and we ensure your preferences reflect your schedule. We make sure that we offer you the best variety of shifts so you can always work when it’s best for you!

Competitive Compensation Packages.

The Helping Hands Healthcare team hires only the best Nurses and Personal Support Workers. We offer excellent and very competitive compensation packages for all of our valued healthcare staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping Hands Healthcare hires Registered Nurses and Personal Support Workers for temporary work assignments as well as Administrative Staff to work in the local Mississauga office.

Helping Hands welcomes the following professionals to apply:

  • Specialty Registered Nurses with experience in Critical Care (ICU, CVICU, CCU), , NICUEmergency, and Post-Anesthetic Units.
  • Registered Nurses with experience in Medical/Surgical, Rehabilitation, Surgery, Complex Continuing Care (CCC), Mental Health, Maternal Child Care, Paediatrics, and Obstetrics Units.
  • Registered Practical Nurses experienced in Medical/Surgical, Complex Continuing Care (CCC), Rehabilitation, and Mental Health Units.
  • Personal Support Workers with experience in Personal Care and Constant Care
  • Office Administrators and Staffing Coordinators.

“Elect-to-work” is one of the greatest benefits of working with Helping Hands Healthcare. It means that you work whenever you want to work, giving you full autonomy over your work schedule.

We offer shifts on weekends, weekdays, days, evening, and nights, allowing you full flexibility with your schedule.

  1. Click the “Apply Now” Button below to submit your Resume and application for review.
  2. Following your submission, our team at Helping Hands Healthcare will review your application promptly.
  3. Once we have determined your qualifications are the type we require, we will contact you and be asked to fill out additional documents and submit copies of your credentials if necessary, then we will schedule an in person interview.
  4. Following the interview, we will review your credentials and decide if you would be a good fit for Helping Hands Healthcare.
  5. Should you be hired, we determine together which hospitals, units or private care geographical areas you would like to work in.

It can be stressful to start a new job, so the team at Helping Hands Healthcare will try to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible for you.

First, you will be sent to orientation at the units you will be working in so you can familiarize yourself with your new working environment.

Following orientation, you will be asked to be sure your availability is up to date so our staffing coordinators can schedule you accordingly at your chosen units.

We always look for new and innovative educational opportunities that will challenge and inspire you to be the best healthcare professional you can be.

Whether these are on-line educational training sessions, webinars, educational opportunities or self-learning packages, we always keep you informed and up-to-date on the latest medical news and practices.

Additionally, Helping Hands Healthcare, in cooperation with our clients, will organize orientation sessions so that you can become familiar with your work environments upon being hired.

Firstly, you speak with the Nurse in Charge. Then immediately following, call Helping Hands Healthcare at 905-285-0202.

We are here to answer all of your questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Staff Testimonials

"Helping Hands is an awesome agency that encourages us to keep up to date with certifications. There is no hassle for payment, and they are always there for me, even during periods when I’ve been pulled away by raising my family and working somewhere else. I feel well supported. Thank you to all the staff for being so wonderful over the years".
Registered Nurse
“Working with Helping Hands has always been a pleasure. I am thankful for the friendly and helpful staff, and extremely lucky to work for an agency that puts its Nurses first.”
Registered Nurse
"I just want to use this opportunity to thank you very much for all my shifts this year so far. I wish you the best in the remaining of the year and on. Thank you so much again. I promise to always represent Helping Hands in a very professional way and to always provide optimum care for all my patients".
Registered Nurse

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