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Start to Finish Service

Helping Hands Healthcare offers the only, Start to Finish Testing & Screening Services in Canada. 

We customize a plan for your organization, business or personal gathering, ensuring that you receive white gloved testing services, no matter the size, scale or program scope. The process will begin by connecting you with one of our experienced nurse educators and understanding exactly what you and your organization or group needs. Following testing, we will continue to work with you, optimizing your healthcare procedures, screening protocols and implementing health centric procedures, ensuring your space is operating at peak healthcare efficiency.

As businesses and organizations begin to open their doors, the need for safe and effective testing and screening services becomes paramount. Helping Hands Healthcare has had the privilege to partner with several companies, such as, but not limited to, large distribution centres, shipping out thousands of packages to people all over the world, daily. Others include and are considered the most well loved, iconic and family focused filming company of all time, large scale shopping giants specializing in home décor, and organizations who own some of our most well known and well loved shopping malls in Canada, to name a few of our most new and noteworthy partnerships.

Our Formula

Our Tests

Health Canada Approved | Rapid | Nurses & PSWs

Helping Hands Healthcare offers both swab and blood based rapid testing that are Health Canada approved. We are also licensed to use any virus, COVID-19 or bacteria rapid test that your company or organization is required to use. Our testing options can take under 10 minutes to provide you with your results. 

Our tests can identify the appropriate markers that determine whether or not you have specific viruses, such as COVID-19 or simply, if you have a bacterial or viral infection. 

Our Customers

Businesses | Education | Retail | Travel | Entertainment | Events

Our tests offer the same level of accuracy on tests administered to children as young as 2 years old all the way to elderly patients. Our varying forms of testing are offered to all of our customers, no matter how big or small the testing group. 

Our testing model makes it easy to ensure that your children, parents, employees, attendees, customers, clients and staff are getting the best testing treatment while keeping their exposure to viruses, including COVID-19, as low as possible.

Our Nurses

Registered Nurses | Registered Practical Nurses | Doctors

Helping Hands Healthcare’s suite of certified nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals are ready to visit you at home, office, filming set, sporting event, gathering or school and administer a non invasive and safe virus screening test. 

Our nurses are thoroughly trained, screened and background checked with years of professional experience in the Healthcare industry. The nurses who visit you at home, relaxation or place of work have the same credentials and professionalism as the nurses who take care of you in the hospital.

Our Process

Call | Quote | Book | Test

Our number one priority is your health. Helping Hands Healthcare’s values surround offering exceptional healthcare and specifically tailored medical services and solutions, designed to focus on your health, with our Accreditation Canada Certification.

Our already existing staff of nurses are available to come to you and your staff or clients and administer a safe and reliable test at your convenience. We work hard to make sure we have as many nurses on staff as possible, available to help you.

Our Clients

We work with a variety of different small businesses, large scale organizations and individuals or activations, ensuring that each and every member of your group is properly tested by one of our professional and certified nurses. 


We service all types of corporate offices, small businesses, medium sized organization and large scale distribution centres.

Finance | Law | Boutique | Distribution Centres | Government | Charitable | Tech | Union | Manufacturing

We have worked with businesses as intimately as single location all the way to nation wide distribution centres, sending off hundreds of thousands of packages across Canada, daily. We will custom curate a business plan, specific to your unique objectives and needs, while ensuring that all of your staff, clients and partners are well taken care of. No matter the size or scale of your business, our business offers the best employment offerings and service in the industry, making sure you have the most testing options available to you.

Private Events

Make sure your friends, family and loved ones are protected during your most celebrated moments.

Weddings | Graduations | Bar and Bat Mitzvahs | Anniversaries | Birthdays | Celebrations of Life

We work alongside you and your event team to ensure that your attendee testing and screening process is as smooth and effective as possible. Our certified testing and screening process will integrate easily into your event without risking the experience. Ensuring that your guests remain safe during your most memorable celebrations with our Health Canada approved tests and qualified healthcare professionals.

Educational Facilities

Keeping our schools, universities and educational institutions safe is paramount.

Elementary | High School | College | University | Speciality Schools

Our tests offer the same level of accuracy on tests administered to children as young as 2 years old all the way to elderly patients. We pride ourselves on training and staffing nurses who are comfortable and well versed in handling all types of groups, but most especially, children. 

Our at school and education testing model makes it easy to ensure that your children, partners and colleagues are getting the best testing treatment and screening protocols implemented, offering the safest environment for their continued education.

Retail & Shopping

Keeping your most highly trafficked stores, retail spaces and malls safe from infection, limited transmission and minimizing exposure.

Malls | Boutique Shops | Franchises | Super Stores | Customers | Staff | Distribution Facilities

As Southern Ontario’s leading Healthcare Staffing Agency, servicing over 50 Hospital Partners and Private Care Patients, we know how to manage a busy facility. We work with some of the largest shopping retailers, ensuring their spaces are safe from infection and their staff is healthy and safely tested. We will offer you, your staff and your customers the right type and style of testing that suits your specific needs and ultimately, maximizing your sales and, most importantly, keeping everyone safe.


One of the things we all miss the most, we can help bring back.

Local | National | International 

Ensuring that we are staying safe while we travel is one of the most important ways we can continue to slow the spread and flatten the curve of any virus or infection we may be faced with. Our experience spans from locally, throughout Southern Ontario, all the way to international locations, offering exclusive, private testing in international destinations after landing and throughout your stay. We have worked alongside organizations sending their staff abroad and throughout Canada, along with social groups with the desire to keep all passengers and loved ones healthy and well tested before and after travel.

Filming & Entertainment

All forms of business require testing and screening services, even our favourite TV and Movie sets.

Feature Films | Television | Commercials | Theatre | News Reporting | Studio Filming | Pre-Recording

We offer your filming set a customized business plan that meets your ever changing and flexible needs, ensuring that every single one of your team members and talent is taken care of and tested properly. We have worked with some of the oldest and most well respected filming organizations in Hollywood filming large scale feature films, smaller commercials, short television series and throughout the entertainment sector in all facets. We will become an extension of your team, keeping you and your creatives, healthy.

Sport, Events & Activations

Testing and screening protocols will keep us all safe and healthy while enjoying our favourite activities, that we have missed so much.

Cinemas | Sporting Events | Fundraising Activations | Experiential Activations | Weddings | Events  

We work creatively, to develop testing and screening plans that work for every type of business, after years of experience being the most talented and professional healthcare staffing organization in Southern Ontario. We offer staff who are available to come to your organized events to facilitate safe and reliable testing that will give your attendees the assurance and confidence to enjoy your event.


If you are interested in learning more about our testing and screening services, please contact our helpful staff to learn about how Helping Hands Healthcare and your business can work together to keep you, your staff and your clients, safe and tested. 

We will walk through your needs and develop a custom curated pricing structure with small group packages for as little as 5 tests to daily testing for upwards of 5,000 tests. Click the link below to be connected to our team and start the process of ensuring you, yourself and your loved ones or team members are safe and healthy.