VC & IP Services

Virus Control & Infection Prevention

Helping Hands Healthcare will curate a specially designed set of regulations and guidelines, pulling knowledge from our decades of experience, meeting all Canadian Government Healthcare standards, specific for your unique business needs.

We understand that the health and safety of your clients, staff and partners is your first priority. That’s why we want to ensure the protocols and regulations you implant into your business are proven with a dedicated and experienced team working alongside you. 

The protocols we have developed act as a framework for the more intricate set of guidelines we would create for your business. The core competencies of each package remain the same with edits surrounding the details specific to the success, health and infection control for your business. We have a dedicated team of Clinical Advisors that will dedicate themselves to your account and ensure all of your program requirements are met.

We can work with your team in whatever capacity you need us to. Our consulting services are flexible and can work to fit your business’s specific needs at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

The details outlined below are elements we will consider in our assessment of your facility, or facilities, and throughout the creation and maintenance of your unique guidelines. Our services will vary depending on the characteristics of your business and each of the elements below will be scaled up or down accordingly.

VC & IP Consulting Services

Throughout your initial assessment, protocol and guideline curation and the ongoing maintenance of your program, we will ensure all of the following elements meet top of the line, Government regulated, health and safety standards. 

Mitigating Risk

We will dive into your business and learn all about the ways you work in order to ensure you are eliminating as many opportunities for infection and viral spread as possible. We will work with your team in order to understand your staff, clientele and partners’ routines in order to assess your exposure potential. 

Personal Protective Equipment

We will provide our recommendations for PPE such as masks, gloves, alcohol sanitization and face coverings to your staff, and if necessary, to your clients. These recommendations will vary depending on your facility’s capacity, size and staffing needs and will be edited as the infection risk evolves or devolves. 

Sanitization & Cleanliness

Editing your current sanitization and cleanliness protocols will require an audit of your current procedures, identification of highly touched and trafficked areas, introduction of new products, scheduling and more. We make sure that this fraction of your guidelines runs like a well oiled machine, that your business can rely on.

Capacity Control

Physical distancing is becoming an accepted practice among the Canadian population. We will review your space and educate your staff on the correct capacity for the the square footage you have available for all staff and clients. We will also provide our recommendations for floor and wall decals, signage, and movement flow.

Staff Training

Your team’s willingness to learn is critical to the success of this program. We will train your staff to understand the steps needed in order to ensure your facilities are running at peak, infection mitigation efficiency. We will provide videos, instructional reading and a dedicated consultant for your account that your staff can lean on. 

Contingency Planning

Should the difficult situation occur where there is an exposure at your facility, we will develop a step by step contingency plan your staff to follow. Protocols will be available for management of all types of exposures, should they occur, and following the exposure, all incidents will be investigated to prevent recurrence.

Businesses We Service.

We are able to successfully service all types of businesses using our unique formula of infection mitigation, training and sanitization management. Some of the organizations we work with fall into the following categories:

Schools & Educational Facilities

Office Spaces of all Sizes

Gyms, Sporting and all Recreational Facilities

Shopping Malls & Stores

Attractions & Large Venues

Restaurants & Bars

Manufacturing & Shipping Facilities

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